eZine Advertising with eEnterprises

Enterprising for Profit$ is the quarterly eZine from eEnterprises, written by world-renowned scholars and educators to help entrepreneurs everywhere. The zine is the best advertising vehicle to communicate your message to the circle of 2020preneurs, 

We’re seeking advertisers for our business eZine, which focuses on entrepreneurship, transformation, reconciliation, and liberation through global education. Advertisers will receive dedicated ad space in our digital magazine, with a target audience of politicians, entrepreneurs, and educators, as well as additional placements.

Submit your information below, and we’d be happy to talk more about advertising opportunities in our eZine.


1/8 page: $100

1/4 page: $1,500

1/2 page: $2,000

Full page: $5,000

Advertising Placement

We are committed to being the best multimedia advertising solution for your business, with diverse advertisement placing across digital and physical media.

Print Media
In Enterprising for Profit$, your ad can live on forever. The print issue of our zine will be distributed quarterly to the Circle of 2020preneurs.

Digital Issue

Each Enterprising for Profit$ is simultaneously published online, vastly increasing exposure of your ad to a global audience across social platforms and search engines. All ads and editorial content is linked to the advertiser’s website.

Circle of 2020preneurs Events

Your ads will be shared directly with potential customers by distributing the zine at tabletop shows, affiliate meetings, conventions, and any other Circle of 2020preneurs’ events.

Social Media

eEnterprises and our contributors are social-connected, and will actively promote the print and editorial content from advertisers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social channels.

Website Ad

eEnterprises will publish your ad placement on our website as a bonus to advertisers, as well as in the Circle of 2020preneurs.

Editorial Opportunities

We are giving your business the opportunity to tell your story and share what you do. Feature story opportunities are available with ad placement in Enterprising for Profit$.

Corporate Sponsorships

Looking for corporate sponsorship opportunities?
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